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24/7 Incident Reporting

Any Size Employer can utilize this service!

Providing your employees with a neutral third-party medical professional to report their on-the-job injury or illness can provide a multitude of positive results such as:

  • Decreasing lag time in reporting;
  • decrease overall workers compensation expense;
  • decrease your workers compensation ex-mod;
  • and improve employee morale and productivity.

The Hartford Research Study (2004) found that claims filed a month or more after an injury cost an average of 48% more to settle than those reported in the first week. Even a week’s delay can increase claims costs by 10%.

According to a National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) study, late reporting also means more attorney involvement. 22% of claims reported within ten days are litigated compared with 47% of those reported more than 31 days after the injury occurred. Furthermore, delays in reporting a claim means delays  in starting appropriate medical treatment – adding to the cost of medical care and wage replacement.

A Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) report, The Day of Injury Study 2005, that studied the nurse triage program instituted by the Schools Insurance Authority (SIA) in California concludes that employees were highly satisfied with the nurse triage process and that 94% of all claims requiring only first aid advice remained in a no-claim status 90 days post injury.   Litigation rates dropped 67% and remained about 20% below the California state average for Workers’ Comp claims.